The Correctus Team

At Correctus Web Solutions, we pride ourselves in being a formidable team of professionals that make sure that every task at hand is done with absolute finesse and perfection. We are a team that stays together, works together and accomplishes tasks that seem daunting or extremely challenging for others, with relative ease! Such is the importance of teamwork and the importance of the capable leadership that we have at Correctus Web Solutions.


teamrajDr. Rajesh Dubey is the chairman of Correctus Web Solutions, and a constant guiding force that empowers Correctus to reach elixirs of success that seem unprecedented. Dr. Dubey has been an Industrialist all his life and has run several National and Multi national businesses and industries. His management skills are unparalleled and he has received a lot of recognition and accolades for them as well. With over 35 years of Business and Marketing experience, Dr. Rajesh Dubey is at the helm of all things Correctus.





teamdushDushyant Dubey is the founder of Correctus, a company he started in his teens and has seen through to the establishment that it is today, having been in the field of Internet based software development and Web technologies for around 15 years, Dushyant is an accomplished professional which has earned him thousands of testimonials for his work. Dushyant has worked with clients from all sectors and fields and is the Chief Executive Officer at Correctus Web Solutions overseeing the Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing and Web Development departments with his expertise and experience.





Jayant Dubey is the backbone of operations within the company, him and Mr. Dushyant have led the company to success with all their years of hard work. Mr. Jayant is a workaholic and believes in attaining the best results possible for the company’s clients. A true professional with a perfectionist demeanor, Mr. Jayant takes care of the micro-management within the company and also takes care of the reporting and legal affairs in the organization. Mr. Jayant has a decade of experience with Internet Marketing, SEO and Web Design, he’s also well versed in several programming languages which makes him a real asset for the company.