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Welcome to our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services page. Before we begin, we would like to ask you a few questions!

  • Is your website suffering in Search Engine rankings?

  • Are your keywords not ranking in Search Engines as high as they should be?

  • Are you struggling to gain traffic from Search Engines?

  • Is the business return from your website not up to the mark?

  • Would you like your website to rank on the first page for it’s keywords?

If you answered any of the above questions with a YES, then you need SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION services! Our top of the line SEO services make sure that you hit all your ranking goals and make your website perform better in the Search Engines! We specialize in getting our clients top rankings for their chosen keywords in search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing! Our expertise comes from close to a decade of SEO experience and working for thousands of clients.
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Not only do we have the experience, we at Correctus Web Solutions have a research and development wing that stays in touch with the latest Search Engine patterns, trends and algorithm changes to make sure that the services you get are in-tune with the most up to date practices, so that YOU can get the maximum benefit out of them!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for our SEO Services today! The packages are listed below with all the specifics:

Our SEO Packages and Features

Below Mentioned Services are the totals for 6 Months
Number of Keywords 12 20 35 50 80 150
Recommended For Niche Moderate Competitive Extra Competitive Aggressive Super Aggressive
On-Page Optimization
On-Page Optimization tick-small tick-small tick-small tick-small tick-small tick-small
Local Search Website Optimization
Local Search Engine Submission tick-small tick-small tick-small tick-small tick-small tick-small
Google + Local / Bing Local Listing Center Optimization tick-small tick-small tick-small tick-small tick-small tick-small
Updating Pages & Schema Tag Integration tick-small tick-small tick-small tick-small tick-small tick-small
Content Optimization
Website Content Writing (Page)  small_x 2 6 12 20 50
Blog Writing small_x small_x 3 6 12 24
Article Writing 12 15 24 30 45 70
Press Release Writing 1 1 2 4 6 8
Home Page Content 1 1 1 1 1 1
Total 14 19 36 53 84 153
Link Strategy
Directory Submissions 110 140 170 200 350 500
Premium Directory Submissions 10 10 10 10 10 10
Authoritative Directories small_x small_x small_x small_x tick-small tick-small
Social Bookmarking 90 120 150 210 280 360
Article Submission 12 15 24 30 45 70
Article Social Bookmarking 120 150 240 300 450 700
Web 2.0 and Social Media Optimization
Blog Submission  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small
Press Release Submission 10 10 20 40 60 80
Video Submission 10 15 15 20 25 30
Photo Sharing  small_x  small_x 5 15 15 20
Creating Web 2.0 Video
Video Creation (45 – 90 seconds)  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small
Stock video Footage  small_x  small_x  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small
Script and Voiceover  small_x  small_x  small_x  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small
Website Usability & Conversion
Website Usability Tips  small_x  small_x  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small
Facebook, Twitter, Google + & Social
Google Plus Brand/Business Page Creation  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small
Adding People to Google Plus Circles  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small
Integration of Google +1 Button  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small
Google +1 via Google Search  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small
Facebook Fan Page & Twitter Account Creation  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small
Profile Content Writing  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small
Gathering Followers  small_x  small_x  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small
Posting Content on Facebook 6 12 18 24 48 54
Posting Content on Twitter 6 12 18 24 48 54
Posting Content Google Plus 6 12 18 24 48 54
Custom Twitter Background  small_x  small_x  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small
Facebook Video Uploads  small_x  small_x  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small
Facebook Welcome Page  small_x  small_x  small_x  small_x  tick-small  tick-small
Facebook Cover Page  small_x  small_x  small_x  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small
Replying / ReTweeting (Networking)  small_x  small_x  small_x  small_x  tick-small  tick-small
Facebook Question Application  small_x  small_x  small_x  small_x  tick-small  tick-small
Access to Premium Apps
Social Media App for Facebook  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small
Twitter & Facebook Fan Page Management  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small
Mobile Website Generator  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small
Social Reputation Monitoring  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small
SEO Tools (third party applications)  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small
Google Analytics  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small
Monthly Reports  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small  tick-small
Minimum Contract Term 6 months 6 months 6 months 6 months 6 months 6 months
Price of Package Rs. 30000/- Rs. 45000/- Rs. 60,000/- Rs. 1,20,000/- Rs. 1,80,000/- Rs. 3,00,000/-

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